help for windows 98

Franco Saiu franco.saiu at
Thu Mar 26 18:14:08 GMT 1998

I'm writing because I had a problem with Samba, while installing it on some
of our computers with Windows 98 (beta 3).

We have an internal network not accessible from the outside, in which we
use the sending in the clear (I.E. not encrypted) of the access passwords
to Samba running on a Sun machine with Unix Solaris OS.

We use unencrypted passwords because Windows 95 doesn't support them, so we
currently have clients with Windows 95 and clients with Windows NT 4.0
(with Service Pack installed), on which we have modified the Registry as:

key name: 

Now it seems that Windows 98 won't support (as a default setting) the
unencrypted passwords, so every time we try to connect to Samba the
connection is refused because the password is wrong.

Do you know if it would be possible to edit Windows 98 Registry to overcome
this problem and let it send the passwords in the clear?

Thank you. 

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