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Charlie Brady cbrady at
Mon Mar 23 04:34:34 GMT 1998

On Mon, 23 Mar 1998, David Salton wrote:

> I have Samba 1.9.18p3 installed on an RS/6000, running AIX 4.2.1, with
> Win95 clients. We have several Java programmers who "net use" to a Samba
> drive from their Win95 PCs, and copy their source code to the server. When
> they copy a whole directory (or directories), of source files onto the
> Samba drive, they find that not all of the files are updated, yet they do
> *not* receive any error messages back to their PC. The only way that they
> can get around this problem is to delete the Samba files first, and then do
> the copy.
> I have scanned the Samba logs in /var, and there are no obvious error
> messages that would account for the failed updates. Can anyone explain this?

It would help if you tell us what program they are using on the Win95 end
to do the copying. The problem is more likely to be at the client end -
the chance of samba not saving files that it was asked to by the client
*and* not writing any log messages seem to me to be lower than the chance
of a problem in the client. YMMV.

I would guess from your description of the workaround that the client
program is using some information from the existing server copy of files
to avoid some client to server file copying, and it is avoiding too much.

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