Not all files updated

David Salton dsalton at
Mon Mar 23 02:38:26 GMT 1998

I have Samba 1.9.18p3 installed on an RS/6000, running AIX 4.2.1, with
Win95 clients. We have several Java programmers who "net use" to a Samba
drive from their Win95 PCs, and copy their source code to the server. When
they copy a whole directory (or directories), of source files onto the
Samba drive, they find that not all of the files are updated, yet they do
*not* receive any error messages back to their PC. The only way that they
can get around this problem is to delete the Samba files first, and then do
the copy.

I have scanned the Samba logs in /var, and there are no obvious error
messages that would account for the failed updates. Can anyone explain this?

David Salton
David Salton
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