Problems with smbclient -T on 1.9.18p2

Magnus Svavarsson magnus at
Sun Mar 22 08:05:23 GMT 1998


I am having problems with long filenames in the netlogon share of a PDC,
when trying to do a backup with smbclient.

I make the backup by this:
(smbclient \\\\nthum1\\netlogon -D nyvang.pds -Tcb 4 \
netlogon_nyvang_b4.pds.tar) 2>&1 >netlogon_nyvang_b4.pds.log

The first problematic file is
 "The Wall Street Journal Interactive Edition.url" 

The log file from creating the tar file shows nothing unusual:

getting file \nyvang.pds\Foretrukne\Imported bookmarks\Business Resources\Money Online.url
 of size 44 bytes as a tar file Money Online.url(6.13839 kb/s) (average 122.651 kb/s)
getting file \nyvang.pds\Foretrukne\Imported bookmarks\Business Resources\Monster Board Job Database.url
 of size 46 bytes as a tar file Monster Board Job Database.url(5.61523 kb/s) (average 1 19.571 kb/s)
getting file \nyvang.pds\Foretrukne\Imported bookmarks\Business Resources\The Wall Street Journal Interactive Edition.url
 of size 69 bytes as a tar file The Wall Street Journal Interactive Edition.url(2.92969 kb/s) (average 111.367 kb/s)

But when trying to look at the tar file with "gtar tvf", I get this:

-rw-r--r-- 0/0              46 Jan 11 16:25 1998
   ./nyvang.pds/Foretrukne/Imported bookmarks/Business Resources/Monster Board Job Database.url
gtar: Skipping to next file header

And then it just exits.  I was looking at clitar.c, and then I wanted to
see if it wrote something that gtar could not understand,but it could
itself.  So I tried to restore with smbclient again:

(smbclient \\\\nthum1\\netlogon -D test_nyvang -Txb 4 \
netlogon_nyvang_b4.pds.tar) 2>&1 >netlogon_nyvang_xb4.pds.log

The logfile shows this:

restore tar file \test_nyvang\nyvang.pds\Foretrukne\Imported bookmarks\Business Resources\Monster Board Job Database.url of size 46 bytes
this tar file appears to contain some kind of link - ignoring
skipping \test_nyvang\.\@LongLink...
checksums don't match 0 10760
abandoning restore

Am I doing something wrong?  I was planning on using smbclient with amanda
for nightly backups.

Any hints would be very welcome.


PS: I did try to change the blocking factor, without results.  I have been
searcing the digest too, without results so far.

Magnus Svavarsson
Network Administrator
Faculty of Humanities
Aalborg University

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