SAMBA digest 1630

Seth Vidal skvidal at
Sun Mar 22 20:49:11 GMT 1998

Log file Question:

The Docs say the following (1.9.18p3)
 max log size (G)
       This option (an integer in kilobytes)  specifies  the  max
       size  the  log  file  should  grow  to. Samba periodically
       checks the size and if it is exceeded it will  rename  the
       file, adding a .old extension.

       A size of 0 means no limit.

       Default:      max log size = 5000

            max log size = 1000                    

How often is periodically?
Also does samba keep the file marked as open that is logging to?

do I have to kill samba in order to rotate the logs?

I need to keep upwards of ten-weeks worth of logs and I have a good log
rotater for it but I need to know about this .old file issue and how it



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