smbd overspawning problems

Darrin M. Gorski dgorski at
Fri Mar 20 16:25:42 GMT 1998

FYI: Here's the (perl32: see script I used to
disable 'shortcut tracking' on our Win95 clients. It's short.

-- snip --
@REM = ' Hide DOS BATCH code from perl
g:\sys\srladd\utl\perl %0
goto end
print "Locating shortcuts...";
$COMMAND = "$ENV{'windir'}\\ /c dir /s /b "
 . "$ENV{'windir'}\\*.lnk";
open(DIR,"$COMMAND|") ||
        die "Can\'t exec $!\n";
close DIR;
print "\nUpdating shortcuts...";
foreach (@LINKS) {
  $FILE = $1;
  $PATH = $`;
  chdir ($PATH) || warn "Can\'t chdir() to $PATH: $!\n";
  system("g:\\sys\\srladd\\utl\\shortcut.exe -s \"$FILE\"");
print "\nDone.\n";


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