SAMBA digest 1627

Santosh Krishnan krishns at
Thu Mar 19 21:48:14 GMT 1998


The registry needs to be modified only if you want to use non-encrypted 
passwords.  That is to say, if you want your NT and UNIX passwords to be the 
same, you will need to do so.

However, if you don't mind having different passwords for NT and UNIX, then 
modify the smb.conf file to say 

encrypted passwords=yes

Then, you will need to create a file called smbpasswd, and use the smbpasswd 
program to add users and passwords to this file.  Once this is done, you can 
browse the samba server.

If you want to log into the samba server from the NT workstation, the you will 
need to get the samba-NTDOM version from the CVS tree.  Check out the CVS howto 
for that.

Best of luck.
Santosh Krishnan

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