Why multiple spool files?

Steve Fosdick fosdicsj at aom.bt.co.uk
Thu Mar 19 15:06:28 GMT 1998

"Steve Snyder" <ssnyder at indy.net> wrote:

> Using Samba v1.9.18p3 on a Linux system, I find that that any print
> jobs sent to a shared printer results in doubled files.  It's not
> that 2 copies of the print job are actually *printed*, it's just a
> matter of dual spool files being created.

This looks like a feature of your lp system rather than a samba
thing.  If samba was to submit the job to the lp system twice then
one would expect it to print twice.

Does linux printing have mode/interface scripts?  If so check to
see if the printer to which you are printing from samba has been
set up to process the output in some way and then:

    re-submit the job with different options or,
    submit the job to a different queue.
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