Backing up from WinNT

Tim tjbynum at
Fri Mar 13 20:06:10 GMT 1998

Hello All,

I've been trying to backup up my Linux Samba Server from our WinNT(4)
server, and have been *very* unsuccessful.  I'm using arcserve and
everytime I attempt a backup it says that it can't find the directory (eg.
W:\etc). What have I got set up wrong.  The samba server (v1-9.16.p11) is
mulitihomed and is our current Internet Feed.  It's aliased with 3
additional IP's: and  I mount a share from
the NT to the samba server and then attempt to back it up, but to no
avail.  My smb.conf follows, and the browse isn't working very well
either.  On the workstations I can "for the most part" se the linux
server, but I seem to never be able to see it on the WinNT unless I
specifically look for it.  I'm also logged into the WinNT server as the
Administrator and am connecting to the Samba server for the share as my
usual userid (not sure if this is a problem or not....)

Anyhow I would appreciate any and all help/assistance/advice.  :-) 

Best Regards,

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