Win95 User Level Security & Share Level Security...

Rick Flower Rick.Flower at
Tue Mar 10 00:41:55 GMT 1998

Hi.. We've got two machines that are running Win95 (OSR2), and one is
satisfactorily, but the other is behaving strangely!  I'm trying to setup a
share on
the machine for the entire "C" drive called "backups".  Anyway, one the
machine, the authentication method is definately user-level security where
it wants
to get a name from domain password server.. However, the other Win95 machine
(aka the working one) is setup the same, but when setting up a share is
share-level security..

Both of these machines are setup to login through a NT domain password
and are otherwise working fine.. If we set the share-level access on the
access tab
of the non-working machine, then we lose domain logins..

Any ideas?  Is our "working" machine not supposed to be mixing share-level
with user-level security?

Am I missing something here?

Any ideas are appreciated!

-- Rick

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