Problems with DOS Clients

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Sat Mar 7 19:35:14 GMT 1998

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> Subject: Re: Problems with DOS Clients
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> Hi all,
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> >Are you using the full network redirector on the DOS client?  If not
> >serch the digest archives.  One person reported that he had to use the
> >full network redirector to access samba shares.
> My testing (against samba 1.9.17p-something) showed a rather interestign
> fact.
> I hacked smbd to log the password string as sent by the client, and
> spotted
> that the BASIC redirector in the DOS client always sent 24 character
> passwords.  (24 characters is the length of an encrypted password)
> Basically, irrespective of what the server wants to do, the BASIC
> redirector always uses password encryption.  Test this by following the
> instructions in 'ENCRYPTION.txt' and you'll be able to connect from the
> BASIC Redirector to Samba.
> The FULL Redirector will do both plain-text and encrypted passwords, and
> since Samba defaults to plain-text, the myth has grown up that the FULL
> Redirector is required.
> If anyone knows how to stop the BASIC Redirector always using encrypted
> passwords, then I for one would be delighted.

Very interesting.  I'll have to try this again.  I've been using
encrypted passwords, but haven't been able to use the BASIC redirector.

The FULL redirector is huge; it's an advantage to be able to use the 
much smaller BASIC redirector.

I'd also be interested in hearing about other DOS clients that would
allow connections to Win95 systems and Unix/Samba; the MS Client is
horribly slow, especially for file copies from the client to a server.

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