Printing to HP1600CM

Dominik Weis weis at
Fri Mar 6 15:00:34 GMT 1998

I have a problem to see the print jobs in the print que for the HP1600CM
on Windows computer. The printer is working fine after I switched from NT 
to samba(linux). I think the problem is the way the lpq program works.
When I have print jobs in the que the lpq Program gives me the print
jobs but doesn't exit. I have to press ctrl c to exit it. The HP printer
allows only one network connection. If I am sending print jobs the one
connection is taking and I don't get a response from the printer. I think
that is the reason why the lpq program doesn't exit. I could not find help
in the documentation maybe I was only blind. Could someone help me about
that problem.

Dominik Weis

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