Samba, WinNT, Printers and Encrypted Passwords

Gerald W. Carter cartegw at Eng.Auburn.EDU
Thu Mar 5 21:14:17 GMT 1998

> I am having trouble with getting a machine running NTrigue (based
> on Windows/NT 3.51) to connect to Samba printers - the NTrigue
> box just gives the error "Access Denied".
> I have analysed the log files on the Samba server and the conversation
> between the NTrigue box and Samba never seems to get as far as checking
> for a username/password so the message from NTrigue seems to be
> misleading.  The conversation seems to go as follows:
> 1.  NTrigue opens the connection and sends a netbios_connect request.
> 2.  Samba replys to the netbios_connect.
> 3.  NTrigue sends a SMBnegprot request.
> 4.  Samba replies to the SMBnetprog request.
> 5.  NTrigue closes the connection and tells the user "Access Denied".

Connect to a share on the samba server first and then try to access the
printer.  Works like this on NCD WinCenter as well.

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