Samba, WinNT, Printers and Encrypted Passwords

Jonathan Crompton J.Crompton at
Thu Mar 5 18:11:08 GMT 1998

On Wed, 04 Mar 1998 14:00:39 GMT
Steve Fosdick <fosdicsj at> wrote:

> I am having trouble with getting a machine running NTrigue (based
> on Windows/NT 3.51) to connect to Samba printers - the NTrigue
> box just gives the error "Access Denied".

We are using NTrigue (in fact we selected it over the competition in
part because Insignia recommended Samba whereas Tektronix recommended
installing NFS at the NT end).

We use the NTrigue NIS option so that the Ntrigue box keeps its NT
passwords in sync with our Unix server (this may not be an option for
you).  In our smb.conf (Version 1.9.16p11) we have

	 	encrypt passwords = yes
		password server = %m
		security = SERVER

to point Samba back to the NTrigue box.  It seems to hang together nicely,
including printing.

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