Problems with DOS Clients

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Thu Mar 5 02:45:47 GMT 1998

> Date: Wed, 04 Mar 1998 10:57:02 -0600
> From: John Brown <jsbrown at>
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> Subject: Problems with DOS Clients
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> Hello
> I've got several Win95 & WinNT machines accessing Samba 1.9.17p2 on
> Linux.  When I try to add a DOS machine, it does not see Samba and does
> not connect to it.  I can connect it to a Windows machine and get
> files.  I am not using DHCP and I'm using msclient 3.0.  Is there
> something specifically I'm doing wrong?
> John

I've done this a couple of times with relatively no problem (other than
the slow speed of the MS software, and its size).

You should check the net submask definition in PROTOCOL.INI.  It needs
to match your other systems, and its usual value is "255 255 255 0" (no

When its working, of course, you should be able to see the Samba server
after issuing a "net view" command.  However, browsing hasn't also
worked well with MS Client for me.  If you make the proper entry in the
LMHOSTS file, you can also try "net view \\samba-server", for the
appropriate value of "samba-server".

You might try sending me your PROTOCOL.INI and SYSTEM.INI files - I
could take a quick look.

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