Problem with floppy sharing.

Fuead Ali fuead at
Thu Mar 5 02:44:52 GMT 1998


I'm trying to share the floppy drive (I mean floppy disk) from a Linux
box. Then, some Win95 and WinNT PCs can see the floppy drive when browsing
the network. The problem is the floppy drive is the marked with "Read
Only". That means if I write any file in WinNT or Win95, I can't save it
in the floppy disk of the Linux box. Does anybody know why this is so?

Here is the content of smb.conf specifically for the floppy sharing:


        revalidate = yes
        comment = Floppy Drive
        path = /mnt/floppy
        read only = no
        writable = yes
        locking = no
        public = yes

Any help is really appreciated.

Fuad Ali
MIMOS Malaysia

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