Problem with OS/2 editors on Samba shares.

Steve Snyder ssnyder at
Wed Mar 4 23:20:35 GMT 1998

I'm using Samba v1.9.18p3 to export drives from my Linux server.  It seems 
that editors under OS/2 have a problem creating files on the shared drives.
I suspect that the problem may be oplocks-related.

Before I describe the problem, some background.  I export 2 subdirectories 
from my Linux (RedHat v4.2 / kernel 2.0.32) machine.  From both Win95 
(OSR2) and OS/2 (Warp4/FP5) the shares are seen as drives F: and G:.

>From both Win95 and OS/2 I can copy files to/from the shares, delete files
from the shares, list directories, etc.  So far, so good.  Under Win95, I 
can open the Notepad edit, scribble some text and Save As a file on either 
shared drive.  No problem there either.

Under OS/2, though, editors have a problem.  If I bring up the System 
Editor, scribble some text and Save As, I get a Critical Error ("Error 
writing to the file").  When I look at the directory listing for the 
destination drive (share), I see that file has in fact been written!  

When I try to create a file with the Brief editor (from the command line:
"b f:\test.txt") it gives me the same error as when I try to open a file on
a CD-ROM.  (Brief seems to like opening files as read/write, instead of 
doing the initial open as read-only.)  This error ("No valid files were 
specified.") is not seen on local drives, just the shares.

Neither of these editors has a problem opening existing files on a shared 
drive.  It is just creating the file which seems to be a problem.  And not 
even a real problem since the file is actually created.

Anyone know what's going on here?  Thanks.

***** Steve Snyder *****

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