SMBlib: status? My mod's

Gary Shea shea at
Tue Mar 3 06:15:41 GMT 1998

Is anyone actively maintaining/working-on the SMBlib?  I saw
a post that hinted that there might be, but that was three
months ago, and not a whisper since.

I just added the LanMan1 (as I recall...) locking_andx function
to SMBlib, and built a (trivial) Perl xs interface for the SMBlib. 
I'm not likely to do a whole lot more unless I pick up more business
in that area -- not something I expect.

I'd say SMBlib is pretty much of a dead end as it stands,
but it sure would make sense to have a good SMB/CIFS library.
Of course, it's a lot of work too, and someone would actually
have to DO all that work!  Eeek!


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