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Ernie Oporto ernie_oporto at
Tue Jun 30 14:26:01 GMT 1998

Yes!!!!  You just solved a problem I've been having since 1.9.17p1!!!!

I didn't realize that CIFS was limited to passthrough authentication for
only its domain, so that listing multiple password servers from different
domains would not work...the following did.   Yeeeehhaaa!

Hurm...excuse me.
I added to the following in my config to make this work:
netbios aliases = unix1 unix2 (not really my names)


I've been working on this too.  I've just installed the new version
1.9.18p7 on a Solaris 2.6 box.  I think we are looking for something like
following (ntserver1 and ntserver2 are different NT server domains):

----begin smb.conf----
security = server
password server = ntserver1 ntserver2
----end smb.conf----

  I have been able to allow multiple server authentication in different
domains, but running different configurations based on what the machine is
called when attempting to mount.  In the example below, you use password
server ntserver1 if mounting \\unix1\myshare.  To use password server
ntserver2, you would mount \\unix2\myshare.  I'm pretty sure that the
workgroups are not needed for this to work.

----begin smb.conf----
secuity = server
include = /samba/lib/smb.conf.%L

[myshare]path = /shares/myshare
----end smb.conf----

----begin smb.conf.unix1----
password server = ntserver1
workgroup = group1
----end smb.conf.unix1----

----begin smb.conf.unix2----
password server = ntserver2
workgroup = group2
----end smb.conf.unix2----

Comments, thoughts, ideas, let me know.Thanks,--Paul
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