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> Subject: Samba/printing
> Everytime a samba client send print requests to the samba server/print
> server the job does print but I get a header and trailer page enclosing
> each job. This means everytime a samba client send a print request two
> sheets of paper are being wasted per job. This is adding up quickly.

This means that the default lp print command is doing something 

When you say "printing sysv" this just sets the default "print command"
string to "lp -c -d%p %s; rm %s".

Take a look at "man smb.conf" and search for the "print command" entry.

You may have to send some options to the print command to suppress the
blank page.  Also you can print to a file located on a share from
within the M$ environment then back in the Unix world experiment with
the lp options until you stop getting a printjob sandwich on white.  :-)


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