smbclient: error in timestamp (under SCO)

Dr. Walter Willmertinger willmertinger at
Wed Jun 24 15:49:01 GMT 1998

I noticed that in smbclient I see always the timestamp of all files as 
	Thu Jan  1 01:00:00 1970
Debugging the code showed that in the function 
	interpret_long_date  (time.c)
there is a condition
	  if (!(TIME_T_MIN <= d && d <= TIME_T_MAX)) 
This condition yields always false, when compiling samba with SCO Unix
So all file dates are set to 0.
To avoid this compiler error you just change the condition in time.c to:
	  if (!(l_time_min <= d && d <= l_time_max))      
and insert at the start of the function the definitions:
	  time_t l_time_min=TIME_T_MIN, l_time_max=TIME_T_MAX;

Then the compare is working correctly also under SCO. I think this would
not harm other systems. So maybe you could include this code in the
official version.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen,

W. Willmertinger

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