authentication problem in RedHat 5.0

lee lee at
Fri Jun 19 21:25:50 GMT 1998

This may be an faq with an easy answer, but I've been trolling the Samba 
sites for some hours unable to find the answer. 

I did an RPM install of Samba 1.9.18p8 on a Redhat Linux 5.0 machine with 
shadow passwords enabled via PAM. I've been through the diagnosis.txt 
series of tests. All the tests from linux command line work fine.

The problems (as usual) start with Windows.

In W95 I can mount the tmp share with no trouble. But, my personal 
account gets refused because of a bad password.

In NT, the tmp share also mounts fine. But on my personal account, the 
error is that I don't have access privileges.

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