How about this option for nmbd?

Andre Albsmeier andre.albsmeier at
Wed Jun 17 05:15:27 GMT 1998

> Andre Albsmeier <andre.albsmeier at> wrote:
> > On a Win95 client I add AA_BB to the lmhosts file with
> > the IP address of the firewall machine (!). Now I can
> > connect to \\AA_BB\APPS and everything works great.
> > But since I am lazy, I don't want to add this entry to
> > all lmhost files. A name resolution by DNS is not possible
> > since AA_BB is not a valid hostname and the resolver under
> > FreeBSD discards it.
> If you add AA_BB's address to the lmhosts file of the WINS server this
> entry won't be added to the WINS database? Did you give it a try?

That's what I have hoped also. However, I tried it but it doesn't
work. Another approach would be to change nmbd so that entries
in the lmhosts file are being added to the WINS database. Maybe
this could be controlled by a (optional) flag in the lmhosts


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