How about this option for nmbd?

Charlie Brady cbrady at
Wed Jun 17 03:21:09 GMT 1998

On Wed, 17 Jun 1998, Andre Albsmeier wrote:

> please imagine the following scenario:

[Sets up WINS so that firewall proxies a remote SMB server]

> On a Win95 client I add AA_BB to the lmhosts file with
> the IP address of the firewall machine (!). Now I can
> connect to \\AA_BB\APPS and everything works great.
> But since I am lazy, I don't want to add this entry to
> all lmhost files.


> So my solution is now a small hack to the nmbd on the WINS
> server which adds the IP address of AA_BB manually:


> This works great since AA_BB is now resolved through the WINS
> server.

Note also that the firewall could connect to the remote SMB server using
SSH or some other sound encryption strategy, rather than directly, giving
nice remote LAN access. You might have to watch for startup latency - I
don't know how tolerant M$ clients are of slow servers. With a smart inetd
on the firewall, and IP aliasing, you could handle multiple remote servers
this way.

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