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Thomas.Hansen.tmh./Copenhagen at Thomas.Hansen.tmh./Copenhagen at
Tue Jun 16 13:17:01 GMT 1998

     Hi Samba users,
     1) Since the introduction of codepage support i get this message from 
     unrecognised character set
     Unable to copy service - source not found:
     It is also in the logfiles when starting up. Samba is running fine, 
     and the smbpasswd does what it is suppose to.
     How can I get rid of it?
     2) I would like to try the samba PDC server. Can it run on either HP 
     or Solaris? If so, where can I get it.
     3) I would like to make a share everybody can mount, without password. 
     It do not want the samba to ask any pdc or password file. I can do 
     this global with the hosts equiv option, but I only want it for one 
     share. Anybody have an idear.
     Best regards
     Thomas Hansen
     always reply to tmh at

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