installing samba server on sco open server release 5

ravinder reddy reddyravinder at
Fri Jun 12 13:04:35 GMT 1998

 I went through your site and found helpful to integrate my win-95
cilents on to sco open server enterprise release 5 . I went to "samba" and downloaded samba-latest.tar.gz of 1.3MB size .You have 
mentioned to do gunzip and tar to unpack the archive. I have tried with 
"tar xvf samba-latest_tar.tar", it is giving message 
"tar:blocksize=20,tar:directory checksum error". Idon't have "gunzip".
Please try to send me neccessary steps as how to make "samba"installed 
on my server. My E-Mail address:reddyravinder at
   Waiting for your reply.



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