Trouble with smbmount [Linux 2.0.33/Redhat 5.0]

James Tullett jtullett at
Tue Jun 9 13:46:26 GMT 1998

Hello fellow Samba users,
I have a problem setting permissions using smbmount on my Linux /GNU computer
I have read/write access rights on NT Server computers, and on a Solaris 
machine, running Samba.  My Linux computer has Redhat 5.0, and runs kernel
revision 2.0.33.  SMBFS support is installed as a loadable kernel module.
The smbfs client software is version 2.0.1, and was installed with Redhat

The problem that I have is when I mount the share, I get _NO_ rights 
to it at all!  This happens regardless of which server I use: the NT server, or
the Solaris server: viz:

smbmount //solaris/share ~/mnt -u102 -g102 -f777 -d777

gives this listing when you type `ls -la ~/mnt':

   ls: /home/jtullett/mnt: Permission denied

The command `ls -lad ~/mnt' gives the result

  d---------   1 jtullett root

I _can_ access the shares as I would expect (with read/write permissions)
 via `smbclient'.

Strange, isn't it?  Oh yes, and chmod doesn't work.  I cannot change the 
mode of he mounted directory; the same sort of permissions problem 
arises from mounting a share from the NT server.  This is really frustrating, as
I can access shareswith all the permissions that I would expect (read, write and examine
directories), when running Windows.   Do I actually _have_ to be running smbd
and nmbd to get access rights for the mounted shares with smbmount?

 Could some kind person please point out what mistake I am making here?


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