Jason Armstrong jason at
Sun Jun 7 19:06:53 GMT 1998

Hi Samba people

I have been wondering about file permissions via Samba for a while, and if
anyone could help me solve the following two problems, I would be grateful:

System: Linux RedHat 4.2 (kernel 2.0.33)
Samba : Version 1.9.18p3

. I want to set access permissions for everyone in a certain directory (777).
  The reason is that Windows and Macintosh users need to be able to access,
  write, change .. the same files. No matter how I change these settings in
  smb.conf, I can't seem to get the files to be saved with world write
  permission. Relevant section from smb.conf :

  ; A publicly accessible directory,
     comment = Public Stuff
     path = /home/pub
     public = yes
     only guest = yes
     writable = yes
     printable = no
     force create mode = 0777

. I also seem to get a file's execute bit set whenever saving to the Linux box
  from a Windows machine. How do I set it up that the files get saved with the
  permissions that I specify?

Thanks for any help.

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