Guest access to samba server.

Johnston, Sam samj at
Sun Jun 7 06:09:32 GMT 1998

Hi there,

I've had quite a few problems allowing other users to view/use samba
shares when they do not have a valid account. How do I set it up such
that when a user tries to connect, it checks for a valid account, then
logs them on as the guest user if it doesn't exist.

Usually they get a password prompt. Entering a password results in an
incorrect password box, as samba tries to authenticate against a user
that doesn't exist. A user who has logged into their windoze box with
correct credentials will be given access as desired.

I am using encrypted passwords (smbpasswd)
I run Samba on a few RedHat 5.0 boxes.
I use a 'samba' user as the guest account, have enabled null passwords,
and have set its password to NO PASSWORD.

One more thing, when I 'smbclient -L machine' it asks for a password,
but accepts an empty one.

Also I'm getting messages in smb.conf about broken glibc2 - disabling
sysv shared memory. If anyone can shed some light on that it'd be

Thanks in advance.

Sam Johnston

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