Simple password checker

Peter Molettiere pietro at
Fri Jun 5 23:27:02 GMT 1998

Rik Hemsley writes
>I'm attempting to get a Linux box to authenticate users from NT.
>I think it's possible by writing a PAM module (not hard) and using
>part of Samba's source to verify the password on the NT server.
>I'm getting pretty bogged down trying to work out how to do this - 
>it seems like it should be simple - just take the password and username
>and ask the NT server if it's correct.
>If anyone could point me in the right direction for doing this, please
>I think I just need to call
>auth_ok = server_validate(user,domain,pass,passlen,ntpass,ntpasslen);
>. but I think I must do a little more than just call the function.
>What's the difference between pass and ntpass ?
>Thanks in advance,

Is there a reason you're not using the built in support samba has for
referring password authentication to an NT server?

Check out the "password server" option in your smb.conf man page.

  password server (G)
    By specifying the name of another  SMB  server  (such  as  a
    WinNT  box)  with this option, and using "security = server"
    you can get Samba to do all its username/password validation
    via a remote server.

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