Multiple UNIX hosts on same LAN?

Peter Molettiere pietro at
Fri Jun 5 23:21:32 GMT 1998

"Chris Cope" writes
>I apologize if this is a newbie question, but that is what I am.  I 
>did check the archives before sending this.
>Can SMBD run on multiple Unix hosts at the same time?  While it is 
>fine on one, some functionality is missing with only one host.
>1) you don't get all your UNIX machines listed from Network 
>2) getting to /tmp or /etc on various UNIX hosts is not possible.
>Is this possible or even needed to address the above two concerns?

Yes, Chris, you need to run smbd on every unix host that you
want to export resources (files or printers) from.  This will
solve both your problems (as long as you share /tmp or /etc
on the various hosts)

Note too, that exporting /etc via samba may not be the safest
thing to do, especially if you share it via a public share.

We have all smb traffic filtered at our router, but that's
more due to the way we have it configured internally, rather 
than any inherent flaws in smb. Make sure you check out the
docs on security and carefully consider the ramifications of
your configuration before trusting it.


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