Strange "No permission to access resource" msgs from win95

Marc Heckman heckmann at
Thu Jun 4 19:06:44 GMT 1998


	I've been using Samba for a while in lots of places and this is 
the first time I've encountered this problem:

I'm using 1.9.18p7 on solaris-2.6, there's a large PC network here with
win95 and winNT machines all belonging to a different workgroup then the
samba machine. There are no problems with the winNT clients. However, the
win95 machines sometimes give the following error messages _before_ it
even gets to the password prompt when I try to access (ie double click) on
the samba server in the network neighbourhood:  "No permission to access
resource" with a big red stop sign! I can't get any further. This is very
intermittent, it could be OK 5 minutes later and I didn't change
anything...  Once I do manage to get in, I can map the shares as network
drives, the user just types the passwd when they log in to win95 and there
are no further problems. The samba server is always _visible_ (ie. the
Icon) in the net.  hood. I'm using a global "security = user" and I've
tried various different domain/wins/os-level settings in smb.conf. There
are no pertinent messages in the logs at debug level 2. The win95 machines
have "Banyan Vines" (YUK!) domain logons. I don't have any allow/deny 

	Any Ideas anyone? Thanks in advance.

	Marc Heckmann

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