Quotas: Win95 shows the wrong amount of free space

David A. Sjøen dasjoen at online.no
Tue Jun 2 09:36:39 GMT 1998


We are running a Win95/Samba network at our school. The server is a Digital Venturis 575e running RedHat Linux 5.0 and Samba 1.9.18p7. The clients are Win95 machines.

I have turned on user quotas for some users. On the Linux side, this works fine, but the Win95 client still thinks that it can use all available space on the server HD. That causes strange error messages for instance in Outlook Express: When a user has used up his quota, OE can't write anything more to the user's home directory, but doesn't understand why -- and crashes...

What have I done wrong? Do I have to add something to my smb.conf to get Samba to use quotas?

Thanks in advance for all help!


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