samba, subnets, and DHCP

D.A. Harris rodmur at
Tue Jun 2 00:35:55 GMT 1998

Ok, I understand I can't browse over subnets.  But I'm a bit confused, I
have this NT box, which is running DHCP for it's address information, and
an another NT box, on a different subnet, with a static IP address, and they 
are seeing each other and can share files.  Now my Samba server, running on 
a Unix box, is on the same subnet as the NT box with the static IP, they 
communicate with each other just fine.  The NT box on DHCP is unable to
see the server, and vice-versa.  So it this just a problem of subnets?
Or is DHCP fouling me up somehow?  Do I have to be running some sort
of Samba server on the DHCP subnet? (it is a subnet set aside specifically
for DHCP)

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