File corruption

Vince Chen vince at
Mon Jun 1 21:56:53 GMT 1998

Chuck, (ALL),

THanks for doing the tests.

There's another pattern that we've noticed: All corruption happens when
extracting an archive (.ZIP, .TAR) or directly running self-extracting 
archives (.EXE).

One of the first times we ran into this is w/ the NT 4.0 Service Packe 3
self-extracting archive.

The file lives on Samba and we run it from the NT machines.

We also have other self-extracting installers that have the same problem.
Once the problem occurs, copying that same file also ends up in corrupted

The problem is, this is sporadic.  With freshly booted Samba and NT machines,
it doesn't happen.  It creeps in sometime later.


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