NT - Not allowed from this workstation

Koos van den Hout _U nix and we all_ koos at pizza.hvu.nl
Thu Jan 29 21:06:55 GMT 1998

> When trying to make a share from one of the 2 remaining workstations, I
> will recevie an error message saying that:
> The account is not authorized to login from this workstation.

Sounds familiair. After a two-day fight with samba servers, NT
workstations, NT servers and win95 clients we finally found a config that
will serve all of these...

Compile the latest samba so it has the correct libaries for dealing with
NT encrypted passwords.
*Don't* set encrypt passwords = yes (otherwise some win95 clients can't
get in).
Do use smbpasswd to set passwords for people.

So far (fingers crossed) this works for us and lets users locally and
remote access our servers.


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