subnet help on samba/solaris

Gerald Carter cartegw at Eng.Auburn.EDU
Tue Jan 27 14:46:39 GMT 1998

> The subnet mask on our server is
> but when I look at the samba log  nmb.log 
> Sun Jan 25 08:59:07 1998 
>  add_domain_names: attempting to become domain master browser on
>  workgroup PLANT-09 
> add_domain_names:querying WINS for domain master on workgroup PLANT-09
> I'm trying to get netlogon to work, from w95 machines.
> I can connect using samba to the server.

The entry in log.nmb is normal.  I will need a little more info to help
out though.  For example,

- Are the PC's on the same subnet as the Samba box?
- What version of Samba is the server running?
- What error messages are you seeing ( if any ) on the PC's?

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