Using Samba to debug DOS

Jan Kratochvil short at
Tue Jan 27 09:40:44 GMT 1998


> Number 1 sounds like something I could use.  I don't have the source
> code.  It's an old accounting package.

  You can download it from following place:
 - the main full-featured watches - REQUIRES MDA/HERCULES ADAPTER
   (as the secondary one - preferred, although not needed)
 - very simple INT21/3D -> INT21/09 converter
 - just as but waits for keypress after each file

> Maybe you could email me the program you refer to.
  Sorry, I hate binary->mail encapsulations...

						Jan "Lace" Kratochvil

> > > I want to use Samba to debug a program.  It is trying to open a file or
> > > directory that does not exist, and I can't figure out what the name of
> > > it is.
> >
> > 1. Use some of the file-open tracking utility under pure DOS. I wrote
> > some tracker but it needs another hercules/MDA monitor. (another chance
> > are several lines of ASM code to catch INT21/3Dh and print it out to
> > screen. Unfortunately it sometimes collides with normal program output
> > - especially in graphics modes.)
> > 
> > 					Happy hacking,
> > 						Jan "Lace" Kratochvil

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