Transfering passwords from Unix to NT

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>Subject: Transfering passwords from Unix to NT

>What is the best way to transfer the password file from Unix to NT.
>Let's say we have Samba running with security=server and encrypted=yes 
>and the encrypted passwords are in the smbpasswd file. The 
>authentication server is a Unix machine.
>If we want to add an NT server (PDC) on the network and make it 
>authenticate with "password server = NTmachine", is there a way to 
>transfer all the users passwords from smbpasswd on the Unix machine to 
>the SAM on the NT machine.

Correct me if I'm wrong (as I have not actually tested the program as
but won't "pwload" write the encrypted username and password from the
file straight into the registry?

Anyone like to comment further on this suggestion?

You have to apply a cut/awk command on smbpasswd first to select the
correct fields. 


Anyone got a compiled copy of this utility I can test...?  :) 


You can pick up a compiled copy with source code from:


- Bjart

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