"Please wait while executing logon script" ... Win95 irritation

Steve Snyder ssnyder at indy.net
Tue Jan 27 02:33:29 GMT 1998

> "Please wait while executing logon script" ... Win95 irritation
> Joshua Heling (jrh at securepipe.com)
> Fri, 10 Oct 1997 00:58:31 +1000
> Hi All --
> I've generally been having success lately with domain logons, user profiles,
> and policy files with Samba 1.9.17p2 (linux) and Win95.  I have a strange,
> inconsistent problem with logon scripts that I'm hoping someone else has
> already encountered (though I can find nary a reference on the list
> archives...).
> I'm using "logon script = %U.bat".  Each user's batch file just established
> some drive mappings.  When the user is authenticated, a little box appears in
> the upper left of the screen titled "Windows NT Logon Script" - it says
> "Please wait while your logon script executes..." and has only a cancel
> button.  The dos box running the script pops up, does its work, and goes away.
> This is the point where the problem begins... on some machines, the "wait
> while logon script executes ..." box *never* goes away ... the machine just
> sits there until the Cancel button is pressed.  While it's not a big deal, it
> looks very bad and will be confusing to users.
> On some machines, this isn't a problem... Does anyone have a suggestion about
> where to look, or what might be going on?
> (Please Cc: me ... I've been unsuccessfully trying to get the listproc to take
> me off of digest mode).


I've got the same problem you described in the above message sent to the
Samba mailing list.  I'm writing in the hope that you've discovered a
to fix it.

Unlike you, I *don't* want any handling of Win95 profiles or the Win95
registry.  My sole interest is in logging on the the Samba server and
executing the logon script.  This seemingly simple goal is complicated
that Executing... message staying on the screen indefinitely.

The one reply you seem to have gotten to your message was to add:


I added these to my registry (manually, not via Policy Editor), but saw
difference in Win95's behavior.  BTW, I'm running OSR2 - if that makes

If you've gotten that message to go away, I'd appreciate your sharing
secret with me.  Thanks.

***** Steve Snyder *****

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