Steve Snyder ssnyder at
Tue Jan 27 02:57:11 GMT 1998

My Linux-based (RedHat v4.2 / kernel v2.0.32) LAN has both Win95 (OSR2) and
OS/2 (Warp4) clients.  I've configured Samba (v1.9.17p4, soon to be
v1.9.18p2) to do domain logons and the logon scripting works fine on my
Win95 machines.

Now I would like to take advantage of Samba's logon scripting when booting
into OS/2 as well.  Samba requires the name of a specific script file.  The
sticking point, though, is that I need to execute a *.BAT file for the
Win95 clients and a *.CMD file for the OS/2 clients.

Now that I've got the script NETLOGON.BAT working for my Win95 clients, how
do I tell Samba that it is NETLOGON.CMD that is to be executed when booting
into OS/2?


***** Steve Snyder *****

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