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Tomasz Jarosinski jarosins at
Mon Jan 26 10:15:45 GMT 1998

Hello ,

I am looking for somebody who has network problems with Sun server Ultra
Enterprise 450.

Our problems:
We are using 3Com superstack 100/10 switch and Cisco Catalyst. Sun
server is connected to 100 Mb port, or 10 mb port.(It should be of
course 100 fdx).
We have problems on both ports.
Samba and FTP transfer rates are:
from nt-box to sun on 10 mb port : 800 KByte/s
from sun to nt-box 80 KByte/s !!!
100MB transfer are working only in one direction (nt to sun)
Sun has to be Samba server for 50 NT clients clients, so it has to
connected with 100Mb Full Duplex to our central Cisco Catalyst.

We tried 3 New Switches, sun has all new patches for hme interface and
hme interface is correctly configurated in /etc/system. Sun support
(server has a guarantee) has checked server configuration and they are
saying that server configuration is OK.
So now Sun want to make next test. They want to connect Sun server with
ONE CROSSED CABLE with another Sun workstation. They are saying if this
works than a Sun server is OK and our network or switches are making
problems !

So folks,
Does anybody has similar network performance problems connecting Sun
Ultra Enterprise 450 to 3Com and Cisco switches ?
Please mail direct to me.   
Dipl. Ing. Tomasz Jarosinski
Fachhochschule Hamburg
Fachbereich Elektrotechnik u. Informatik
Intranet Service R 429
Berliner Tor.21
20099 Hamburg Germany
Tel. +49 40 24882802
Fax. +49 40 24882890
Email: jarosins at

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