SAMBA digest 1567

Eric J. Schwertfeger ejs at
Sat Jan 24 18:59:33 GMT 1998

> Subject: Re: Incredible!!! HUGE speed improvement
> has anyone tried this on NT machines, too?  what happens?  is it slower
> with a UNC on nt or with a drive-map, or no difference?
> i notice that it's _incredibly_ slow running over a mapped drive from an
> NT client.  maybe they do something completely stupid, like resolve the
> UNC _every_ time it does an SMBreadX or something...

A friend of mine, working on his Microsoft Certification, says that it's
worse than that, the lookup is done using broadcasts, though configuring
a wins server eliminates this and tremenously speeds up UNC access. OH,
and MS is doing away with wins in NT 5.0.

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