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Sat Jan 24 20:03:46 GMT 1998

On Sun, 25 Jan 1998, Eric J. Schwertfeger wrote:

> > Subject: Re: Incredible!!! HUGE speed improvement
> > 
> > has anyone tried this on NT machines, too?  what happens?  is it slower
> > with a UNC on nt or with a drive-map, or no difference?
> > 
> > i notice that it's _incredibly_ slow running over a mapped drive from an
> > NT client.  maybe they do something completely stupid, like resolve the
> > UNC _every_ time it does an SMBreadX or something...
> A friend of mine, working on his Microsoft Certification, says that it's
> worse than that, the lookup is done using broadcasts, 


> though configuring
> a wins server eliminates this and tremenously speeds up UNC access.

i _am_ using a WINS server!

> OH, and MS is doing away with wins in NT 5.0.

they are doing away with NetBIOS, of which WINS is a part.  they are
advocating the use of Dynamic DNS instead.  maybe this is a Good Thing for
name resolution, as it will force unix systems to start getting their act
together on Dynamic DNS.  it is definitely a Bad Thing to get rid of
NetBIOS.  at least, microsoft has picked the worst way to get rid of

see the cifs digest archives (via the samba web site) for details (or use
altavista search engine).

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