printing, again

Cliff Green green at UMDNJ.EDU
Fri Jan 23 23:03:16 GMT 1998

I know this has come up before (I checked the archives last night), but
just in case someone's got it licked...

How can I assure that print jobs from client PCs, through Samba, will
print with the username of the account that's logged in, not the guest
account or root?

We've got 1.9.18p1 running on HPUX 10.20, user security, specific printer
definitions created for each printer (/etc/printcap is there due to
another product, but is not relied on for use on our systems).  File
sharing is okay, and printing does work, but...  jobs come out as owned by
root, which is Not Good.  I can see in printing.c where the username
should be captured, but I don't know what happens after that.

It did work, honest, but I don't know what I changed in smb.conf to
improve things.  <sigh>

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