Win NT workstation and Samba PDC

Santosh Krishnan x2815 santosh at
Thu Jan 22 03:23:11 GMT 1998


Has anyone had any success in setting this up?  I got the NT_DOM branch of
the CVS tree and it compiled fine.  It is accepting encrypted passwords.
Now in the smbpasswd file, I wasn't sure how to add the workstation, so I
added a linux user with the name of the workstation, and then added the
same to the smbpasswd file.  Then I changed the smbpasswd of the machine
just like in the NTDOMAIN.txt file.  The NT machine cannot see the domain.
However, if I say workgroup, I get the welcome to the samba workgroup

I really need a solution soon, regardless of whether this is alpha code or
not.  My only need is to have the NT workstation machines have a means 
of authentication, nothing else.  Help is appreciated.

Santosh Krishnan

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