Strange time stamp behaviour

Marcel Blonk marcel at
Wed Jan 21 01:51:50 GMT 1998

We're having this strange problem with Samba and I have not been able to
pinpoint the problem in any way. I'm hoping someone has come across a
similar problem and has a workaround or fix.

Some files opened on a Samba mounted volume from MS Developer Studio,
keep wanting to get reloaded.

For some reason, MS Dev Studio keeps thinking that a file it just opened
was subsequently modified. It tries to keep track of file changes
(notification or timestamp comparison?) but it gets confused by Samba
mounted volumes.

Reproducable on our systems: Launch MSDev. Open file on server. Wait
about 6 seconds. See MSDev dialog: "This file was modified outside the
server. Do you want to reload".

We're running Samba 1.9.18p1 on Solaris 2.6, mounted on NT sp3 machines.

One more interesting note. For a while we were running the 1.9.18p1
server with "share modes=no". We were having quite severe performance
problems, which went away after we set the share modes to yes. This is
when the time stamp problems started.



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