problem compiling 1.9.18p1

jdickins at jdickins at
Wed Jan 21 01:58:18 GMT 1998

hey all,

After reading quite a bit on samba I tried to compile the newest release on a
stock rh4.2 P5 system and I get the following error after typing make:


Using CFLAGS = -O -DSMBLOGFILE="/var/log/log.smb"
-DNMBLOGFILE="/var/log/log.nmb" -DCONFIGFILE="/etc/smb.conf"
-DLMHOSTSFILE="/usr/local/samba/lib/lmhosts" -D
WEB_ROOT="/usr/local/samba" -DLOCKDIR="/var/lock/subsys"
-DSMBRUN="/usr/bin/smbrun" -DCODEPAGEDIR="/usr/local/samba/lib/codepages"
-DDRIVERFILE="/usr/local/samba/lib/printers.def" -DLINUX -DFAST
_SHARE_MODES    -DUSE_PAM   -DSMB_PASSWD="/usr/bin/smbpasswd"
Using LIBS =   -ldl -lpam
Compiling util.c
cc: ": No such file or directory
util.c:0: unterminated string or character constant
util.c:0: possible real start of unterminated constant
make: *** [util.o] Error 1

and it bails out. I really dont know what's going on. Why cant it find a file
and why is it looking for a file named ":?? Its probably pretty simple, but
I'm not real good with makefiles. Any help is greatly appreciated.


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