Samba 1.9.18: Problem saving files

Rainer Hauck hauck at
Tue Jan 13 16:54:20 GMT 1998


I ran across the following problem:

After installing 1.9.18 saving files from Word 7.0 sometimes takes more
than a minute.

We've come across the problem with a file of about 130K. Normally it
takes a few seconds to save but after a few minutes without saving, an
attempt to save the file takes more than a minute. An immediate attempt
to save the file again only takes a few seconds, but after several
minutes ... 

Installing 1.9.18p1 didn't help, so I went back to 1.9.17p4. Everything
works great there (talking about saving files)

Does anyone out there experience similar problems??

Thank you very much

Rainer Hauck

P.S.: We're using Samba on HP-UX 10.20 Workstations and we're running
Word on Wincenter 3.0.31
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