Samba 1.9.18: Problem saving files (may be PR 1357)

Andrej Borsenkow borsenkow.msk at
Wed Jan 14 06:36:52 GMT 1998

On Wed, 14 Jan 1998, Rainer Hauck wrote:

> Hi,
> I ran across the following problem:
> After installing 1.9.18 saving files from Word 7.0 sometimes takes more
> than a minute.
> We've come across the problem with a file of about 130K. Normally it
> takes a few seconds to save but after a few minutes without saving, an
> attempt to save the file takes more than a minute. An immediate attempt
> to save the file again only takes a few seconds, but after several
> minutes ... 

It may well be the same problem I already reported (PR 1357). I have seen
it on WinNT 4.0 workstation with Word 7.0 or WinZIP 6.3sr1. It doesn't
happen with Excel 7.0

The problem which I had was, that Word creates temporary file, requests
oplock for it, and then renames it without closing first. SAMBA sends
oplock break request which is ignored by client; after ca. 1min SAMBA
timeouts, terminates connection, client reconnects and finishes operation.

Excel never does it; it always closes temporary file first.

The whole story is very unstable; I also have seen, that after first
attempt second one is very fast, but couldn't reliably reproduce it.

Hey, Jeremy, Andrew!! Now it is more than just my personal problem :)

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